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Re: [IP] Waking from lows...

> This has happened to me on occasion. I have woken up at 3 or 5 am, not
> knowing why I am up, then trying to get back to sleep and cant, I have
> learned that that can be a sign of low b/s. It is not always as I am also
> chronic insomniac, but some times being aware of this has helped me to
> realize I am low.

waking up low has happened to me a few times.  of course, low for me is
still anything under 4 - not been type 1 all that long, so i haven't lost
sensitivity yet.  once it was at 3.2, and i remember not being sure if i was
awake or dreaming, it felt so odd.  didn't take long though to say to myself
"well, either i'm awake and i better test, or i'm dreaming, and i'd better
test in the dream", and then test.  i keep juice boxes by the bed since it's
the easiest way for me to get the sugar in at night.  day time i normally
have life savers, other candies, or juice, but at night i don't want to risk
choking so it's only liquids.
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