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Re: [IP] Military hospital question

Hi, all. Do any of you have any experience with military hospitals? After
years with his current employer (and Federal Blue Cross), my husband is
considering a change of employment to the military. I'd like to know if
are problems with being a patient at a military hospital.
Alaska Debbie
Mom to Katie, 12, dx'd 9/97
Pumping with "Pumpkin" since 8/99
My husband is A/F and all I deal with is mill docs, but my endo and other
'specialists' are referrals off base. I am not sure what you are asking? We
have Tricare, and they covered my pump and my supplies and I know when my
hubby retires from A/F a few years dwn the road, if we keep Tricare they
will cover 80%. Here in Tucson, we do not deal with the mill hosps for emerg
at all, if I had to go to emerg I would go off base. I do have ALL blood
work done on base at the mill hosp, and that is fine, also I pick up ALL
Rx's there as well.
Tami in Tucson
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