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Re: [IP] Re: Hormone Replacement


   I am 44 and have all those symptoms-hot flashes, erratic blood sugars, and 
horrible mood swings.  My boyfriend recently proposed to me, but now I'm sure 
he's having second thoughts.  I hate what I'm becoming and not being able to 
control it.  My CDE is getting discouraged with my blood sugars, although 
they've improved greatly since I've been on the pump.  We just can't seem to 
find any pattern to them, and nothing works for more than maybe 1 week out of 
the month.  I recently went to the Gyn to have my hormone levels checked, 
which turned into a night mare.  To make a long story short, a simple blood 
test turned into an endometrio (not sure of spelling, sorry) biopsy, which 
was very painful and traumatic.  I haven't found out the results yet, but was 
told that HRT will probably be recommended.  If it works, I'm willing to take 
the chances. 
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