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[IP] Erica - never a dull moment -just back from ER

For those of you who have been following the Erica thread......

She has pneumonia.....

We just had an afternoon of excellent care at our local ER centre (5hrs).  She
was triaged  within 10 minutes, and sent immediately back to a bed.  They gave
us complete control over her diabetes needs. WE brought in her own glucometer,
glucose tabs, and ketostix.  The reasons we finally took Erica into the ER
were - her fever wouldn't abate, she was very weak, coughing a lot, her
eyelids were swollen, and last night and this morning she had to take a breath
to speak.  Sugars were kept in very good range, thanks to the pump, but when I
did a urine dip for ketones at the ER it showed trace > moderate ketones.
First time since Friday morning.  They did blood gases, urinalysis, bloodwork,
and after a few bags of fluid  Erica had perked up considerably.   After the
results of everything showed  we basically have a very healthy girl with
*diabetes* despite all the illness over the past few days, the doc said lets
check the lungs JUST to be sure.  Erica is not happy she is going to miss her
basketball games coming up this week but is resigned to the fact that she is
as weak as a kitten and school is not someplace she will be going to for

We had a very interesting thing happen.  The nurse in charge of Erica
mentioned that she had a friend, another nurse at a different hospital, who
was going on an insulin pump in a month.  She said her friend had an episode
of DKA over the Holdiays that was horrific.  She also mentioned that her
friend's name was Sue.  I said "was it Sue ???" and she said YES!  It is a
VERY small world :)  Sue joined us at our Pumpers meeting on Jan 26, after
being referred to our group by her diabetes clinic.  The diabetes clinic
recommended she attend one of our meetings prior to beginning pump therapy.
What were the odds of connecting with her friend :)

I am now going to curl up and watch a good movie with hubby and Erica.

I hope this will be the last Chapter in the 'What's going on with Erica? book.
This edition anyway <VBG>


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Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
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