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Re: [IP] Re: Hormone Replacement

I started taking hrt early as well. In my late 30's I really thought I was
beginning menopause but my gyn at that time just kept saying I was too
young. I had my last period at 43 and the pregnancy test she suggested
confirmed that she had been wrong.

I am glad to hear the doctors saying to try taking it every few days because
that's how I take it anyway. My husband puts it out for me along with my
vitamins but I still don't take it regularly. The vitamins upset my stomach
so I wait till meal time and get busy and still forget it.

I think I have decided to go without for a while and see if I can deal with
the symptoms. If not, I will go to the lower dosage and try it on an every
other day basis. I know one of my friends takes a homeopathic substitute
that does well for her so I might try that.

Thanks for all of your input.
Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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