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RE: [IP] Who looks after you?

When I went to college, pre-pump my roommates, friends, teachers and RA's
all knew I was diabetic. I didn't have many problems with lows, and if I did
I took care of them on my own - although occasionally I would ask someone to
run to our room to get juice or pills if I had wandered down the hall
without them. I did have one episode of DKA during school and my friend (now
my husband) and the campus minister drove me to the hospital - that was my
own stupid fault and not a lot of fun, but I got through it and it certainly
didn't scare true love off!!! I learned to cope. I have never lived alone
and I guess that would be pretty frightening, but my guess is you learn to
deal with that too.

During college I had a pregnant roomate and an anorexic roommate (not the
same girl), both had problems different but just as serious as mine - so
we've all got our baggage to deal with! I do have to admit that living with
the anorexic was ironic (she won't eat, I HAVE to eat BUT at certain times
and only certain things!!!! what a hoot! - I should also say that she was a
recovering anorexic, so she was at a stage where we could laugh about it.)

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