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RE: [IP] Minimed Question

I've had my pump replace twice by MM - both times with refurbished ones. It
didn't bother me, but then again, the insurance paid for mine, so I wasnt'
still making payments or anything like that. The don't remember why the
first one was replaced, but this last one was because it kept doing strange
things - like not retaining its memory after battery changes and stuff like
that, nothing big - just irritating. After about 6 calls to them for little
things like that, they told me they would sent a replacement, just to be on
the safe side. I really appreciated that, because it was a little unsettling
not knowing when little problems might turn into big ones. So, my point is,
that while the refurbished one worked well for several years -even when it
did start acting a little strange they were more than willing to replace it
again. This "new" refurbished one is doing fine.

Good luck,
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