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Re: [IP] Got New Paradigm--Q about Quick Sets

In a message dated 2/2/03 2:00:57 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Deltec has no contract with my insurance company so I can not order my pump
 or my supplies directly from them.  I CAN however order those things from a
 distributer that is contracted with the Insurance company.  I talked to the
 folks at Premera BC and they said that as long as they were billed by a
 provider with the correct ID that matched their database then it didn't
 matter where the supplies came from.  For me that means that an out-of-town
 distributer buys the things that I need from deltec and then send them to
 me, billing my insurance company of course.  It is kind of a roundabout way
 but it changes my coverage (on the pump) from 80% non-preffered provider, to
 100% preferred provider!
 (you all have premission to be jealous of my coverage  :-D ) >>

Yes, and everybody along the way inflates the price. Your insurance company 
would be better off paying 100 percent for you to get your supplies from the 
manufacturer. Since those extra costs may be eating into your lifetime cap on 
healthcare coverage, you may be better off paying 20 percent of a lot less 
money. Check out the difference in prices.

Jan and Elvis
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