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[IP] ER and Hospital Stay <long>

I just got back from the hospital. I have been sick all week with the flu 
(boy am I glad I got the flu shot, this could have been 100X worse). I went 
in Friday to see my PCP and told her resident that I was dehydrated and was 
spilling ketones and my bg was in the upper 300s. She didn't believe me. How 
do I know. Well the resident and pcp were consulting right outside of my room 
and I could hear EVERYTHING. The resident said "she thinks shes dehydrated 
and could be going into DKA, what does she know". What do I know? Hmmm Ive 
been dealing with this disease longer than she has been studying medicine??? 
(sorry had to vent there) Anyway, my PCP said, you know what you are doing, 
keep doing it and if your bg gets over 500 go to the er. No blood tests no 
ketone check, nothing. Just "you have the flu". Saturday my bgs creeped up 
and up and up. I couldn't keep up drinking water for how badly my body needed 
it. (supply can't keep up with demand) . I took a nap and woke up feeling 
like death was knocking on my door. I call my mom on her cell. She was at the 
Hong Kong airport flying to Japan. I tell all I have been doing and she said 
call the endo  lets see if we can keep you out of the er. The endo 
immidiately said, GO TO THE ER. I get there via cab (7 min ride) and am so 
disoriented and confused. I hardly remember what i said. They checked my bg 
and their meter read "critically high". They take me straight back. The 
resident comes in and asks if i am opposed to spending the night. I said  no, 
just make me better. It took four nurses, four or five I don't really 
remember tries and 45 min to get an iv in. The resident sat with me rubbing 
my hair and my face trying to help me calm down. I was taken upstairs a 
little while later. (3 IV bags later but that didnt take more than an hour). 
Once I am in my room the resident (not the nice ER one) and med student come 
and examine me. They tell me that I need to disconnect from my pump. I looked 
them dead in the eye and said "this little black box is my life support. you 
will NOT take it off of me. Give my correction boluses through shots or iv, 
but i am keeping my basal rate going." they argued  a bit, but I won. After 
getting less than an hour of sleep at 6AM i drop down to the low 40s at the 
same time a guy coded on the floor and was rushed to the ICU. It took a 
little while to get glucose. The endo that I had spoken to the night before 
came in and saw me. First thing out of her mouth was thank you for not 
letting them take me off the pump. She said that if i had let them I would be 
there for another few days. Turns out on top of the flu i have a UTI which my 
PCP could have spotted if she had not listened to the resident and listened 
to me instead. The endo was unhappy at how this could have been avoided if it 
had not been for no doctor listening to me. I am back at my apartment with 
bruised hands and arms and ready for a looooong nap. I still feel crummy, but 
at least now its from the flu and UTI and not DKA. I had some wonderful 
doctors at Northwestern Memorial, it makes up for the couple sour apples. 
I have to say, I don't think I would have had the courage to tell the doctors 
that they were not allowed to touch my pump if it had not been for this site 
and everyone! Thank you thank you thank you! 
dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992  --wishing my mom could have been here to help me 
out but thankful I am home in my own bed 
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