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RE: [IP] Got New Paradigm--Q about Quick Sets

Deltec has no contract with my insurance company so I can not order my pump
or my supplies directly from them.  I CAN however order those things from a
distributer that is contracted with the Insurance company.  I talked to the
folks at Premera BC and they said that as long as they were billed by a
provider with the correct ID that matched their database then it didn't
matter where the supplies came from.  For me that means that an out-of-town
distributer buys the things that I need from deltec and then send them to
me, billing my insurance company of course.  It is kind of a roundabout way
but it changes my coverage (on the pump) from 80% non-preffered provider, to
100% preferred provider!

(you all have premission to be jealous of my coverage  :-D )

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> Also, if anyone has tried to get supplies from a different company than
> their pump manufacturer, how did this fly with your HMO or insurance?
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