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Re: [IP] Who looks after you?(kinda long)

Pre-pump, I lived alone for some time, I also lived close to some family(my
sister and brother). My sister called me every morning to make sure I was
OK(I had troubles of going low at night and not waking up then). My sister
had the ability to be able to tell if I was low just by asking me a few
questions. Most of the time she could get me to take my blood sugar and if I
saw it was below 4mml(I was in Canada at that time) I would treat it, for
some reason I needed to see the number. When I was being obstinate one
time(of many) my sis got our bro on the phone (did a 3 way convo) he got me
to pay attention by asking me how much money I had in the bank, I asked why,
he said, "because I am gonna call a ambulance, just wanted to make sure you
have enough money for it!!!" That worked to get me drinking juice.
Now in AZ, when my husband has to go out of town for work(as he did pre pump
a while ago) I have a neighbor who I have become friends with and she
checked up on me daily, and my mom (in California) called me every day as
well, she did have to phone paramedics once. I sure do not miss seeing the
paramedics so much now that I am on the pump.
Anyway, you deal with it, and I don't know about everyone else, but I make
friends as fast as possible when I move into a new home. I have to create a
new backup support system where ever I go, it can one day save my life, and
also gives me a sense of security. I have NO idea how some diabetics survive
with the 'don't tell' attitude. I tell everyoneeeeeeee, not immediately, but
eventually they know.
Your daughter will learn what works for her, and she will learn who to
trust(because you do meet some that just aren't worth a darn even with your
info if ya know what I mean). It was very hard on my mom when I moved out,
especially since I moved in with a louse(my exhubby) who didn't really look
out for me that well. But she did let me go, and I am thankful that she did,
I learned a lot about what she did to help look after me and I learned how
to look after myself and to NOT be afraid of asking for help when I need it.
Tami in Tucson
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