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[IP] Got New Paradigm--Q about Quick Sets


I just yesterday got my new Paradigm pump (I've had a 507 for four years),
and decided to go with the Quick Sets instead of my usual Sils on the basis
of having tried a Disetronic Ultra with my 507, which was much easier for me
to insert and much more comfortable once in my skin.

Well, as many of you probably know, the Quick Set and Ultra are similar, but
hardly the same.  I dislike the Quick Set because it sticks higher up from
my skin, and because the diconnect/reconnect is cumbersome.  Before I return
to Sils, however, I was wondering if Disetronic makes an Ultra that can be
used with the Paradigm.  Of course, Minimed says only their stuff is
compatible, but I've heard this song and dance before.

Also, if anyone has tried to get supplies from a different company than
their pump manufacturer, how did this fly with your HMO or insurance?

My thanks for any advice you can offer!


DXed Type 1 in 1975; pumping since May 1998
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