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[IP] Minimed Question

Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 18:54:26 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Paradigm & MiniMed warranties...
To: email @ redacted

Hey, all.

I started having horrible bloodsugars and ketones a couple of days ago.
Swapped sites two days in a row, then realized that my Paradigm was
most of the insulin out of the reservoir when I started priming it (it
reached the count up numbers for the prime).  When I figured out what was
going on this morning (a little hard to do when you're running in the
400s, no??  :-) ), I called MiniMed/Medtronic.

They asked me a few questions about what was going on, then asked if I
dropped it or anything.  I told them I thought I might have knocked it
the sink Monday morning (I called them on Saturday, started having
trouble on
Thursday).  I ran a self-check, but it showed everything was fine.  There
were no leaks, nothing at all to suggest anything was wrong.  He asked if
hit the floor.  I told him I didn't think so, I think it hit the rug.  He
then asked if I was sure.

Then, he tells me to start again with injections, and they would be
me a replacement on Monday.  My complaint:  it's a RECONDITIONED pump,
he was very quick to point out was just fine with the FDA.  I've only had
this pump since September (6 months this month), so I checked the
It's warranted for 4 years with replacement or repair at MM's discretion.
says NOTHING about Reconditioned pumps.

It also has an exception if you for "physical abuse" of the pump, which
includes the express example of "dropping."

Maybe it's just the lawyer in me, but I think this is unfair (I'm still
paying the NEW pump) and the warranty seems to exclude conditions the
says the pump will not be  necessarily harmed by (ie--dropping).  Has
else had this type of concern with MM?  How did you handle it?  Any
on how to handle it creatively (besides going back on shots or changing


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