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[IP] Re: Who looks after you?

> Can I ask how some of you
> would handle this situation?    You do have to sleep, so do you ride out
> high sugars at night and use extra boluses to bring down the highs? They
> backfire too.  What about ketones?   If you were on a high temp basal
> the day would you discontinue it while you slept?  Do you set a very loud
> alarm clock and test yourself constantly through the night? >

When I was going into DKA (vomiting and off-the-meter HIs) I sat on the
couch to sleep and had a minute minder set for one hour so I'd awaken and
test, give a couple of units of insulin. This is before I was on the 'net.
Didn't know enough to check ketones - pretty much out of it (dr. had no clue
how to help me a prior time) - and wasn't thinking enough to even inject. I
did shoot in 5 units, however. I don't recall all I did, but my hugsband was
in a semi somewhere and I knew I HAD to be aware of what was going on and
this started about 10:00 p.m. It was a very rough night. That was December

I do think as adults we get a new kind of awareness, like I'm sure Summer
would be very aware of her little charges needing something in the middle of
the night. When we are the youngun's we depend on the adults. When we become
adults, it reverses. My hugsband was on the road throughout the week (home
weekends) for 12 years. I dealt with blindness for 8 months of one year as
well. We garner coping mechanisms somehow. Maybe that's written in the
adulthood papers to qualify us for the School of Hard Knocks??? lol  YMMV

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