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[IP] hormone replacement

Jan ~

I'm sure with your kidneys not working it doesn't help any either.  

When I started on dialysis, they put me on a low dose to help even out 
my moods.  It was like I was PMSing all the time and my husband 
mentioned that I better stop being such a b***h.  I told my neph about 
it and he sent me to the endo and he took blood.  Shortly after that 
he put me on a low dose estrogen.  The b***hiness ended within 2 weeks 
and my husband was a happy man.   Now that I am getting usch good 
dialysis (my URR is 78%^) I have started a light period like clockwork 
every month and have been able to come off the estrogen.

Granted, you will not have a period anymore because of your 
hysterectomy, so I think you will be on hormones the rest of your life.

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