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Re: [IP] Who looks after you?

It's been my experience that as childhood diabetes progresses(?) into 
the adult form of Type 1, things become a lot more stable. Not stable, 
but more stable. I was dx in 1942 at age 10. For 45 years (since 1957) I 
have lived alone. I can't say that I recommend it, but I have survived. 
I went to college away from home, but that was so long ago that I think 
it would be a mistake to try and compare that experience with what a 
diabetic going to college has to deal with today. When Erica reaches 
adulthood she will have learned how to take care of herself (because you 
will have taught her). And I have found that as an adult I don't get 
sick nearly as often as I did as a child.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 19:43:55 -0400, Barb wrote:
 >If it were not for my husband and I checking her bgs >constantly, Erica 
 >have been in deep trouble with the high temp basal when her bg's dropped
 >drastically in the middle of the night.  We knew it was a possibility, 
 >were prepared for it, but what if she were an adult, living alone, in 
 >same situation??  I knew where to put my hands on glucagon, how much to 
 >give her, & there was a bottle of glucose tabs beside our bed. Erica 
was on >the floor beside us on a bed of blankets being monitored all 

 >Highly elevated sugars c/w ketones must be so difficult to handle if 
you >are living on your own, particularly through the night.  Can I ask 
how some >of you would handle this situation? You do have to sleep, so 
do you ride >out the high sugars at night and use extra boluses to bring 
down the highs? >They can backfire too. What about ketones? If you were 
on a high temp basal >during the day would you discontinue it while you 
slept?  Do you set a very >loud alarm clock and test yourself constantly 
through the night? I have a >friend who would have someone call him at 
certain times to make sure he was >awake. Erica could sleep through a 
fire alarm if she were tired enough, >which she certainly was Thursday 
night/Fri morning when things were at >their worst.

 >I don't think we will let her move out of the house ......ever!!<g>  
When >she goes to University it will have to be locally so she could 
come home or  >I could move into residence with her when she was sick.  
Oh my, wouldn't >she love that!

 >Again everyone.......thanks for the support.  This has been a very 
 >educational experience for us.  Something we can share with others.

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