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Re: [IP] Who looks after you?

> I don't think we will let her move out of the house ......ever!!<g>  When
> goes to University it will have to be locally so she could come home or  I
> could move into residence with her when she was sick.  Oh my, wouldn't she
> love that!

well, i developed type 1 after i'd left the nest, so to speak.  i first had
roommates, although most of the time i was alone, since they'd go away most
weekends, and were often working late.  i moved into my bachelor apartment
june 1st - alone! :)  i know my folks worry about me, but there's really not
much they can do, just trust that i've learned to take care of myself.
luckily i don't have too many nighttime lows, although i've had a few, and
they are about the scariest.  i keep juiceboxes next to the bed, one
glucometer isn't far away, and the phone is within reach.
there are enough people who would check on me if they didn't hear from me,
but i can't depend on that.  just gotta take as good care of myself as
possible.  that's life!

liz - ottawa, getting a gluco-cat soon. :)
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