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Re: [IP] Hormone Replacement

Please, think twice about HRT.  My mom has used it for seven or eight years,
and in the last month, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had NO
risk factors whatsoever, and even nursed all us kids.  (That reduces the
risk.)  She's about the only person I know who has had no cancer in her
family background.

But now she's battling breast cancer, and she believes HRT is a big part of
why.  She went off of the hormones, immediately, and has suffered no ill
effects.  She thinks she was even on it longer than she needed to be to take
care of the effects of menopause.

If you are beyond menopause, you probably no longer even need HRT any
longer.  Try backing off, lowering the dose, or even eliminating it
altogether.  She was actually pleased at the results when she did so.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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