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Re: [IP] Who looks after you?

 I am 20, live with my mom but she doesn't have much to do with my diabetes, I
kinda lots her at the humalog/carb counting stage(5 years ago?)! When I am sick
I set the alarm, I havn't really been sick since I got the pump so I havn't had
temp basals(but I'd be nervous too and would rather do correction boluses every
2 hours) When I was younger my mom always heard me when I had my major lows, not
sure if she would now though. I usually wake up when low and treat myself, I try
not to wake her up unless I need to as she can't fall back to sleep for hours
when she gets up.

 I'm lucky to be able to sleep through my brothers and their friends down stairs
for a "band practice" but can wake up when some one tip toes through my room! I
will wake up for an alarm to test and can fall back to sleep right away (as if
I'm asleep during the whole test and testing)

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> We knew it was a 
> possibility, and
> were prepared for it, but what if she were an adult, living alone, 
> in the
> same situation?? 

>  Can I ask how 
> some of you
> would handle this situation?    You do have to sleep, so do you 
> ride out the
> high sugars at night and use extra boluses to bring down the 
> highs? They can
> backfire too.  What about ketones?   If you were on a high temp 
> basal during
> the day would you discontinue it while you slept?  Do you set a 
> very loud
> alarm clock and test yourself constantly through the night? 
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