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[IP] Who looks after you?

Me again :)

If it were not for my husband and I checking her bgs constantly, Erica would
have been in deep trouble with the high temp basal when her bg's dropped
drastically in the middle of the night.  We knew it was a possibility, and
were prepared for it, but what if she were an adult, living alone,  in the
same situation??  I knew where to put my hands on glucagon, how much to give
her, & there was a bottle of glucose tabs beside our bed.  Erica was on the
floor beside us on a bed of blankets being monitored all night.

Highly elevated sugars c/w ketones must be so difficult to handle if you are
living on your own, particularly through the night.  Can I ask how some of you
would handle this situation?    You do have to sleep, so do you ride out the
high sugars at night and use extra boluses to bring down the highs? They can
backfire too.  What about ketones?   If you were on a high temp basal during
the day would you discontinue it while you slept?  Do you set a very loud
alarm clock and test yourself constantly through the night?  I have a friend
who would have someone call him at certain times to make sure he was awake.
Erica could sleep through a fire alarm if she were tired enough, which she
certainly was Thursday night/Fri morning when things were at their worst.

I don't think we will let her move out of the house ......ever!!<g>  When she
goes to University it will have to be locally so she could come home or  I
could move into residence with her when she was sick.  Oh my, wouldn't she
love that!

Again everyone.......thanks for the support.  This has been a very educational
experience for us.  Something we can share with others.


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