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Re: [IP] Quicksets - inserter

>Ok, I'm a big baby, so I use the inserter. I didn't even know it was 
>possible to insert without the thing. How do you do it? I am truly amazed 

I inserted the QuickSets for awhile before I placed my first order with MM 
(I traded a box of Sil/Tenders with another pumper for a box of QuickSets 
when I wanted to try them).  You just remove the paper on the tape, remove 
the round needle protector and hold by the big blue needle holder and jab 
it in.  Yes, it works as long as you can get yourself to jab.  There are 
instructions for manually inserting in the booklet that comes in every box 
of QuickSets.  I had no problems doing it manually, but I do like the 
inserter too.

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