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Re: [IP] Noooo. Aio Bobbo!

In a message dated 2/1/03 12:16:44 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The air bubble you didn't get though...wouldn't have hurt you.
  It wouldn't?  I always worried about that.

> You must be a nice, thin person who needs to be 'fluffy' like I am <VBG>

     I used to be, I've gained some weight since I got my pump  ; )

> I used to 'aspirate' the syringe to check it for blood and after nine 
> years of injections, I never got blood.

   I've gotten blood in the syringe many times, had to throw the whole thing 
out and start all over, had overlooked it a couple of times, and had to 
immediately get lots of sugar down me, as I could feel myself crashing, but 
that was the only time I ever passed out. 

> I've Got Milk, I've Got Mac,.....
> Never got Blood......
> I'm a horrible, inept Vampire...{{SOB!}}

   Jenny, I love your quotes at the end of your posts.

    Take care, 

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