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Re: [IP] Re: Quicksets - inserter

> But
>  using the QuickSets, I can't imagine that not using the Serter would be

I've done it both ways, though with the Sof-sets, not the QuickSets.  But,
being that they are from the same company and the same type of sets (90*
angle), I would imagine they are similar.

When I first started pumping, there were no inserters.  So I did it, and had
no problem, inserting it by hand.  But I got a Sof-serter, and quickly
became dependent upon it.  I couldn't get it in without it snagging where
the cannula began.

After I left my Sof-serter at my MIL's (only 500 miles away), and struggling
between my husband and me to get it in, I spent the then $50 price tag on a
spare inserter.  (It just made me really mad when I found out that not long
after that, they reduced the price to $15!)  I have this fear of losing
track of my inserter and being unable change my site without help.  I really
DON'T LIKE being dependent upon another thing I could possibly lose.

I have since tried the Ultraflex.  Initially, I didn't believe their ads
about them, that they are so easy you don't need an inserter.  But it really
is true!  They never snag!  And I don't find it especially painful.
Honestly, I think a regular injection would hurt worse!

As soon as I can use up my inserter requiring sets, I'm never going back.  I
don't want a product that makes me dependent upon another device in order to

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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