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[IP] Update on Erica, Humalog, Novolog. etc.

First of all THANKS to everybody who has sent along good wishes, ideas,
suggestions, and experiences.

Here is what has happened:

Those two days (Wed & Thurs) of horrific sugars and moderate ketones (at
times) finally subsided at about 2:00 in the morning Friday.  They just plain
STOPPED! and we had to drop her high temp basals and introduce 5g of carb
every hour until things settled down.  I would not like to think what would
have happened had we not been checking her constantly.  She dropped from
12.3mmol at 2pm to 5.5 mmol at 2:30.  We had three choices as to what to do
with our situation through the night.

1.  Let the sugars rise while and drop basal amount to normal.  We would have
to bolus or inject insulin  agressively to prevent ketones. We knew it wasn't
her site so bolusing would have been our choice.

 2.  Keep the elevated temp basals of +85% running and stay awake all night to
catch a bottoming out if it happened (which it did), or

3. Bring her in to the hospital and let them do all the work while we still

Well, we picked door #2.  She was still on Humalog, and after a drop at
2:30a.m. on we saw the most consistent and amazing sugars all day Friday (no
more temp basal required) and were still left scratching our head as to what
the heck happened.  Actually, *heck* was not my word of choice when dealing
with all of this <g>.   She had started menstruating, but we had never seen
this before....ever!  Even with illness, we had seen some rise in sugars
preceding an illness and low sugars during illness, but again nothing like
what we went through.

So what did happen????


Erica is now running a fever, has swollen glands, a cough, a sore throat, and
is weak.  Plus she is menstruating.  My conclusion, reached with input from
many who had experienced the same thing, is that the double dose of what was
brewing inside was just too much for her system.  LIke I said before, this was
a first for us but now that we have been through it our learning 'curve' just
added another loop.  Our learning curve looks like a slinky....

Erica is now using the NovoRapid as of 5pm Friday evening.  Bought it over the
counter (don't tell the doc) and although now is not a very good time to make
a change as far as documenting things, we did it anyway.  We did not make any
basal rate change as yet, although some people have said that a few days after
pumping with the NovoRapid they did see basal requirements drop so we will
keep on top of that.

So, methinks we have solved the mystery.......thanks for all the detective
work folks :)

Oh.......and I slept in until noon today!  feel like a new woman.....with more
*grey* hair <g>


Barb Chafe - Chair
Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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