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Re: [IP] Hormone Replacement

> I've been on HRT for 10 years. Is anyone still taking HRT?  What are your
> thoughts? This maybe end up being a quality of life versus longevity.

I started on Premarin 11/15/79 - the day after my complete hysterectomy. I
got a shot that day and was told it'd last a couple of weeks. Well, 6 wks
later I was standing in the grocery line and had 9 hot flashes. I called the
dr. from the store and it was almost 5:00 p.m. He wanted me to get to his
office for another shot, but I didn't want that again (lonnnng story for
another time lol) so he called in an Rx. He warned me that it wouldn't take
effect for several days. I've *mentioned* my sensitive system before, well,
I got the pills and that day I had relief. So, after more than two decades
of HRT, I'm sure the damage would have already been done and I'm sticking
with it. YMMV (~_^)

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