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Re: [IP] Hormone Replacement

>I've been on HRT for 10 years. Is anyone still taking HRT? What are your 
>thoughts? This maybe end up being a quality of life versus longevity.
>Thanks for any words of wisdom,
>Sue (Memphis)

I've been on HRT for less than a year.  I plan to continue with what I'm 
doing since it's greatly improved my life.  I was getting hot flashes and 
night sweats 6-7 times per night and not sleeping at all because of it (and 
checking my bg like crazy since I didn't know if it was caused by a low or 
not).  I'm in a little different position than a lot of ladies, since I had 
a partial hysterectomy 10 years ago and don't need the progesterine, I just 
use a plain estrogen patch.  When I make a choice on medical treatment, I 
always factor "quality of life" into the equation.  In my opinion, HRT is 
something that a patient and doctor need to discuss completely and weigh 
the pros and cons before making a decision.

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