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[IP] pumping

 I have been pumping for a year today.  Yeah!!!!    It took me a year and a 
half  to finally decide to go on the pump. The pump video that I had watched 
seemed so complicated and scared the bah-jee-beez out of me.  Then I read 
somewhere that your bs is "just highs and lows" and you just correct for 
them.  I finally figured if a kid can pump, then so can I.  This past year my 
A1C has been the lowest it has ever been.

It is so nice to have this group and to know that I am not alone with the 
daily struggles of D* and the frequent highs and lows.  I do occasionally 
attend our local diabetic support group meeting, but everyone that goes is 
"way old" (no offense to anyone) and Type 2 and go by the old rule of thumb 
that if you eat anything that is good for you, then you are "cheating".  I 
would often leave feeling that I am "doing it all wrong".

Just wanted to say that Thanks for everything. 

My PCP is Dr. Gray, but JAN, when would I use GREY?  What is the difference 
between gray and grey?

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