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[IP] re gastroparisis

BarbaraB wrote
 Normally, it takes about 2 hours for the food to be digested and absorbed
into the blood. If the amount of insulin bolus is a "match," and the
bolus timing is correct, then the BG would reach its highest point
approximately 2 hours after eating. Fat and fiber could slow down this
process.  Usually, with gastroparesis, the BG would go low before the food
absorbed into the blood, and then high later, because the insulin action is

This group is fantastic IMHO. I learn or re-learn (:)) something everyday!
It didn't make sense to me that BG would be high if the food didn't digest.
Months ago a member, named Laura I think, wrote that she uses much less
insulin on a high carb-low fat diet. All the times it was drummed into me
that I wasn't to bolus for non-carbs is hard to unstick from my brain! I
continually have a piece of cheese instead of a piece of fruit for a snack,
think that I am doing myself a favor, don't bolus, and wonder why I go high.

Thanks again everyone. Susan
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