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[IP] Noooo. Aio Bobbo!

The air bubble you didn't get though...wouldn't have hurt you.

You must be a nice, thin person who needs to be 'fluffy' like I am <VBG>
I used to 'aspirate' the syringe to check it for blood and after nine 
years of injections, I never got blood.

I've Got Milk, I've Got Mac,.....

Never got Blood......

I'm a horrible, inept Vampire...{{SOB!}}

On Friday, January 31, 2003, at 10:16  PM, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:

>   But you can accidently hit a vein, which is why we were also told to
> aspirate.  This has happened to me.  I didn't see the blood in the 
> syringe
> and injected 35 units of  insulin into my vein (no air bubbles, 
> though) and
> within minutes I started feeling funny, and that's all I remember 
> until I
> woke up drenched with sweat and an empty glass in my hand, my husband 
> at the
> time hovering over me scared to death.

"Without Windows, I wouldn't have an IT job"....a friend.


Jenny Sutherland
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