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Re: [IP] Driving and Lows


Your lucky you didn't hit something or someone.  I had 3 hypo car accidents
before the pump the first and last of which were pretty scary(1.rolling the
vehicle and walking away. 2. not remembering anything and being told after
waking up in the E.R. not knowing where or who I was that I was in an auto
accident.)  I now always check my B.G. before and every hour while driving.


I pulled out,drove down the wrong side of
> the street(left side) about 100 yards,trying to figure
> out what was wrong.Parked in another parking lot,and
> ate some more food.Ten minutes later,I snapped out of
> the hypo,and it hit me like a ton of bricks what I'd
> done-I was sooo embarressed.Fortuently,there was no
> one else around so I wasn't taken for either an
> alcoholic or had the ambulence called on me.Having
> said that,has anyone else ever done such simular weird
> things when low?I'm glad it wasn't worse.
>                     Heidi
>                     pumpin' since 4/23/01
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