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Re: [IP] Driving and Lows

I have done some pretty odd things when I was low as well.  One time I was in 
the living room watching TV, and then all of the sudden I got up and started 
to rub my hands all over the TV like I was washing it or something, and then 
I went in the kitchen where my grandmother was and started to act like she 
was a famous chef and I was doing the commentary.  After that I went to the 
table and sat down and started pounding my fists on the table saying that I 
wanted some chicken with bananas.  Then I had a seizure and fell on the floor 
(a very hard ceramic tile floor I might add), landing right on my forehead, 
knocking myself out (a getting a baseball size lump) until the paramedics 
came and found that my blood sugar was so low that it wouldn't register on 
their meter.  Of course I don't remember doing any of this...... I have heard 
the story from my Mom and grandma like a hundred times.  I definitely think 
that qualifies as weird things being done when you have a low.
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