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[IP] Driving and Lows

 Well,today I had my first significantly impaired hypo
behind the wheel-in 3.5 yrs of diabetes.I can now
understand what its like,I've had hypos before while
driving but never like this.I can usually think pretty
good on pretty low bgs.I couldn't think straight for
beans.I'd just had a mild low 1.5 hrs before,this one
struck really bad,really fast.So I pulled over to a
gas station,and parked RIGHT in front of the gas
pump,effectively cutting off anyone who might wish to
get out.Very smart,but all I cared about at the moment
was eating everything on hand to get over the low.5
minutes later,the gas station attendent came out and
told me to park somewhere else.I don't argue with
people when low,except if they ask me if I'm
low(lol)so I pulled out,drove down the wrong side of
the street(left side) about 100 yards,trying to figure
out what was wrong.Parked in another parking lot,and
ate some more food.Ten minutes later,I snapped out of
the hypo,and it hit me like a ton of bricks what I'd
done-I was sooo embarressed.Fortuently,there was no
one else around so I wasn't taken for either an
alcoholic or had the ambulence called on me.Having
said that,has anyone else ever done such simular weird
things when low?I'm glad it wasn't worse.
                    pumpin' since 4/23/01

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