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[IP] Failed Site???

I've been successfully pumping  Humalog in my 508 for 21/2 years.
During that time I have been changing my Sil every third day as
recommended.  My A1C's have been in the 5.9 and 6 range.  About 4 months
ago I started experiencing unpredictable and unexplained highs about 48
hours after a site change.  The first 2 days on the new site are good,
but STARTING the 3rd day the boluses (for meals and highs) don't seem to
work and the only way I get myself down is to change the site.  This
seems to happen no matter where on my body I insert the set.  I'm thin
and athletic with a minimal amount of fat .  When I first started to
pump, I tried a softset, but it came out.  Therefore a different set is
not a solution.  Is this what is called "site failure'?  Should I try
Novolin?  Should I just resolve to change sets after 2 days?  Has anyone
else had a similar experience?  This sounds a lot like Marion who said,
"The insulin is just not getting through."
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