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Re: [IP] Re: highs after site change

At 02:30 PM 2/28/02 William Eddie Hollyfield wrote:
 >I am having a difficult time determing what is "left in". Do we cut off the
 >tubing next to the old site? Because of the method of afixing the site. My
 >site and tubing is between two tapes, this allows less movement of the site
 >and reduction of infection. Such a crassication might allow more insulin to
 >flow into the old site thus may produce a low or infection.

Most people don't put their new set in close enough to cause an overlap. 
You might consider using a different location. I use one side of my stomach 
one time and use the opposite side the next. I wouldn't cut off the 
cannula... any insulin could drip out of that as well as the possibility of 
it getting pushed in so you couldn't retrieve it very well.

>We might want to list some limitations and caustions associations before 
>advising the technique to go universal. I wiil list some of things to 
>watch out for if you want to be the holder.

Since this is just a peer-to-peer message list, nothing that is said here 
should ever be taken as medical advice. Most of us just report what works 
for us. Just use the information that you see here with the same caution 
that you would from advice given by your next-door neighbor.

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