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RE: [IP] Re:test strips amount- Bud Hopper

> I have an odd situation with my insurance company.  They require me
> to use a mail order prescription service (Caremark) and their
> contract with them only allows Caremark to ship 100 test strips. 
> Every thing else they supply in 3-month quantities with a co-pay of
> $27.  My doctor prescribes 8 tests a day, so every twelve days I
> have to reorder from Caremark and give them another $27 (a little
> less than half the OTC cost).  Wish they would come out of the dark
> ages...
> Kelly

The contract between your insurance company and Caremark is not your 
problem. The insurance company's responsibility is what is says in 
your contract of insurance and state law. Unless there is specific 
language in the contract of insurance that limits the number of 
strips per month, they are obligated to provide you with whatever is 
needed and ordered by your physician. THAT IS CONTRACT LAW. Don't 
take no for an answer. I've already been through this B--- s--t with 
Blue Shield of California --- Yes, it took 6 months of hassling them 
and threats, etc.... but they finally caved in. 

These guys are hoping you will accept their lame excuses that they 
have "this agreement" or "that agreement" or "this policy" or "that 
policy". What it boils down to is what is says in your contract of 
insurance. It either states limits or it does not. If it does not and 
your physician orders the treatment, medication, strips, etc.... then 
the insurance company is obligated to pay PERIOD. It's up to you to 
fight for your rights. I'm happy to explain them to you but you must 
do battle.

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