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Re: [IP] Vent!!


I am not uspset with the insurance company, rather my doctor.  The insurance
company said they would pay for 300 per month, but need a call from my
doctors office.

My doctor is refusing to authorize more than 120 strips per month.  This is
unacceptable, especially since I have been getting 300 for many months now.
It shows me a lack of understanding of the disease and proper treatment on
his part.  I won't continue with him under these circumstances.


I am soooo pissed!  I have been using an Internal Medicine
> specialist for eight years and have never had a problem until now.
> Out of the clear blue, my insurance company said they would only
> approve 200 test strips per month, when I have been getting 300 all
> along.  They said they would approve the 300 if my doctors office
> called and ordered it.


This is standard operating procedure for the insurance industry. If
you fight it they will cave in. Just remember, IT DOES NOT SAY 200
STRIPS in the contract of insurance. It may be their "policy", but
they agreed in the contract of insurance to pay for what ever is

Standard of care.....

*test before meals, 2-3 hours post prandial
*before bed
*within 30 minutes of driving a motor vehicle or operating any heavy
   equipment that may be hazardous -- and every hour while operation
   continues (see FAA guidelines for diabetic pilots)
*when you feel low or high
* every 30 minutes until low or high is corrected.

The average for IP members is 6.8 times a day. The list above is how
you get to that number.

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