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Re: [IP] failed pump 101

In a message dated 2/28/2002 7:34:10 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> still using some long acting insulin along with his pump it would seem that 
> it
> would be really hard for the CDE to get close to the right amount of basal
> insulin to start pumping.  I wonder if that is some of the cause of the
> unexplained highs and not always the site failing?  I am not trying to upset
> you, etc. because 

The first time we started the pump we COMPLETELY stopped Ultralente.  The 
site lasted 24 hours.

At first, I also thought it was the basals and so I tried several boluses to 
try to get b.g. down.  I know you are supposed to bolus, wait, bolus, wait 
and then if b.g. is still over 250, change the site.   The fact that two 
boluses failed to bring b.g. down all the times we tried and an injection 
ALWAYS brought b.g. down tells me that the site wasn't working and it was not 
just the basals.  Missing basals will cause a gradual increase in b.g.; what 
we saw was perfect b.g.s and then a sudden rise about 250 even up to 350 at 
one hour after the meal, indicating that the bolus simply didn't get in.  
When correction boluses simply don't work and an injection does, what else 
could it be but a site problem?  I am confused if there is something else.

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