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[IP] failed pump 101

I just wrote a post to you about basals might not be right, etc. and before I
got done with the message I hit some combination of keys and the message got
sent without being finished - since I was in hotmail I do not have a copy of
what I sent to finish it - but the last sentence was going to say:  With Gabe
still using some long acting insulin along with his pump it would seem that it
would be really hard for the CDE to get close to the right amount of basal
insulin to start pumping.  I wonder if that is some of the cause of the
unexplained highs and not always the site failing?  I am not trying to upset
you, etc. because I know this is the way the CDE wanted you to go, etc. but
could you check with them about trying it without the long acting insulin,
possibly over the weekend when you would be around Gabe more often, and see
how it goes?  It was very time consuming for me to get my basals right as I am
very sensitive to the insulin.  A half point up or down in the basals made a
huge difference for me.  Now, after about six months of good numbers my body
has obviously changed and I am once again fasting and restesting all the time
to change my basals.  It is a never ending process but you feel so good when
the sugars stay even.  YMMV
Good luck!
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