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[IP] pump recall - IP Digest

>Thanks Barbara for the clarification on the recall.  I wanted to write the 
>same thing to the IP Digest but obviously I had no data to back myself up!  
>No matter what anyone else says, I love my Animas pump.  I am 44 years old 
>and use approx. 30 units per day but only 6 units are basal.  I use the .05 
>basal about 1/4th of the day.  I am very sensitive to the insulin (in both 
>under-dosing and over-dosing on the insulin) and I KNOW that my A1C would 
>not be near what it is without the Animas and the .05 increments!  Before I 
>got the new software and was using the .10 basal all evening I was having 
>lows more nights than not and the .05 basal took care of all of that.
I hope everyone loves their pump (whatever brand it might be) as much as I 
love my pump!

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