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[IP] Re:test strips amount- Bud Hopper

Bud Hopper wrote:
"They [ins co] said they would approve the 300 if my doctors office called
and ordered it.
She [dr's nurse] left one back for me today telling me they would not
approve the 300!
She said the doctor would have to justify it and even for a brittle diabetic
they would only prescribe 120 per month (4 per day).  She said that is

Does the RN mean that the doctor would only prescribe 120/month???  Or did
RN say the ins co says that's all they cover (which is different that what
you were told by ins co)?  My goodness, that's minimal for a well-controlled
non-pumper (but, even now have friends who are Type 2's on diets, and their
MD's have them testing 6-7 times a day!), but even then that doesn' take
into account weird situations where you just have to test more.
Think you're right-time to find another doctor who knows and really goes to
bat for his/her patients.
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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