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[IP] Vent!

<She said the doctor would have to justify it and even for a brittle diabetic 
they would only prescribe 120 per month (4 per day).  She said that is firm!>

I can relate as I had a pharmacist tell me that if I was using more than 4 
strips a day that something was wrong.  I was so mad that at the time I just 
told her that by law I didn't need a Rx for the test strips and I could buy 
as many as I wanted without the insurance.  After fuming I called her back 
and told her that I had been diabetic for nearly 40 years and if I felt like 
testing every hour, that was up to me, that doctors recommend testing very 
often, etc.  They haven't questioned how many strips I've bought since.

I agree with the previous poster.  Make sure you talk to the dr. first and 
see if it's his opinion or the nurse's.  If it's his, time to find a new 

Good luck.
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