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[IP] Tests 5 years after DX-child

     My little Claire, only 7 years old, will soon be coming up to her 5 
years with DM.  In a couple of months we will be seeing our new Endo (having 
moved across the country). The paeds. endos are busy and can only give you 
one appointment a year in this province. 
     I asked the receptionist if there would be any extra tests done at the 
five year mark and she said no.  She said they didn't even test for protein 
in the urine until age 10, but would do blood tests for thyroid function and 
cholesteral (sp?).  
     What I would like to know is, is this consistent with the care that 
other children get?  I know that a lot of you have access to the very best 
Endos, and of course I want the very best for my little girl and will be 
persistent to get it.  Shoot, if I listened to some doctors we have had, she 
would be on 2 shots a day, testing bgs only 2 times a day and they were not 
unhappy that her bg went to 400 almost every single afternoon.  "Don't worry 
about it, its only for a few hours"--until the shot of Regular kicked in.  
(NPH did not work well).  
     Thanks for your input regarding this.  I did just read Michael's post 
that said that a 24 hour urine collection is no longer considered the best 
way to go.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, pumping 10 months
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