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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set Marion/Failed Pump 101


  When Josh (age 8 then, now 10) started pumping his sites and BGs went 
terrible after 36 hours.  That was aparently due to his body not appreciating 
straight Humalog.  I heard about mixing some Regualr in with the Humalog from 
this list and let me tell you.  That was an INSTANT cure for the site 
problems.  AFter that we actually had sites that lasted a week!!!!!  Now he 
is on the Novolog and we no longer have to mix.  But the mixture works.  Try 
it.  We mixed in about 60 units of regular with the rest of the 315  unit 
cartridge as Humalog.  This mix is not enough to have to adjust basals or 
bolus, but enough to buffer the body from the Humalog.  You may want to try 
that out before you do too many more changes.  Our endo is adamant that you 
give each new change a minimum of THREE DAYS before trying something new.   
Josh is VERY skinny and he uses and we LOVE the Quick Sets.  We also use 
Mastisol religiously!!!  Write to me off list if you have questions about 

mom to Joshua
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