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Re: [IP] Vent!!

<< Out of the clear blue, my insurance company said they would only approve 
test strips per month, when I have been getting 300 all along.  They said 
they would approve the 300 if my doctors office called and ordered it.
I thought "no big deal."  I left a message on the nurse's voice mail with 
instructions on what to do along with the telephone number.
She left one back for me today telling me they would not approve the 300! She 
said the doctor would have to justify it and even for a brittle diabetic they 
would only prescribe 120 per month (4 per day).  She said that is firm!  >>


I don't blame you in the least for being angry.  I would be, too.  However, 
you did say that you thought this doc was your "friend and ally," so I would 
give him a chance to respond in person.

If you have otherwise liked your doctor, why don't you schedule an 
appointment with him and ask him directly for a new Rx that will give you 300 
strips a month?  I would tend to distrust hearsay--and that's basically what 
you're working with when the nurse tells you 120 strips is "firm."  (Which 
brings up the question, how did you get 300 all this time?  That doesn't even 
make sense!)

If you talk directly to the doc and he backs up her ridiculous stance, I 
would change doctors, too.

And, BTW, congratulations on such great HbA1c's.  You are absolutely right 
when you say the results are due to your diligence, not the medical staff 
doing anything.

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