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Re: [IP] cost of pumping???

> Do all pumps and  supplies cost relatively the same
> and what would you say the monthly cost would be. I
> have a friend whose son(14yrs old) is diabetic and
> they would like to try the pump but they have $2000
> deductible insurance(self-employed). 

The average retail costs for consumables are listed on the ABOUT page 
of the web site.

$1429 -- infusion set and cartridge -- 1 every 3 days
$ 766 -- insulin -- avg 42 units per day
$1609 -- test strips -- avg 6.8 per day

>Are there any
> discounts if you are paying out of pocket vs.
> insurance. 

There are a number of suppliers that offer compassionate use 
discounts based on financial need.

 >I also could be in this boat shortly(my
> husband may be laid off)  and am wondering if certain
> supplies could be used over.

not advisable -- syringe / cartridges are used twice by some people.
The tube between the pump and infusion set can be used over and is 
also sold in packages of 10 cannulas with 5 tubes.

> (maybe I should be saving
> something)even though I know it's not advisable.  I 
> would fine it EXTREMELY hard to go back to shots.
> thanks for your input. peg
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