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RE: [IP] kidney disease

I wouldn't say a transplant for pancreas is a cure...my brother had same
surgery for kidney/pancrease tx...it is a different way of life, one that
forces you to take auto immune medication for the rest of your life...which
leads to other complications...

You have to be tested very carefully and monitored, live with the knowledge
that at any time the organ can fail, never be around anyone who is sick and
pray that you never get sick yourself and are limited to not eating certain
types of foods because they conflict with your med...

There is no happy medium in curing this disease until and when they can
perfect either a tx such as islet cell WITHOUT having to take auto immune
drugs (which are extremely costly) or find something to make the pancreas
work on it's own....

Sorry to burst your bubble but that's the way it is :(
Kathy B.
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