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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set Marion/Failed Pump 101

>I simply cannot get a site that delivers insulin for more that 48 hours. I 
>am frustrated, sad, ashamed and you name it. I want Gabe to pump 
>successfully for a few weeks, or months and then he can make up his mind 
>about MDI or pump.


Which insulin are you using?  Perhaps you need to change.  There are some 
pumpers with sensitivity to Humalog which caused their sites to not last 
very long.  Some of those have had great success with Novolog.  I had 
problems with Novolog but am having good results with Humalog.  We are all 
different, you just need to try different things.  If you're currently 
using Humalog, you might want to try the Novolog and see if Gabe's sites 
last longer.  If you're using Novolog, you might want to try switching to 
Humalog to see if that works better.  Good luck.

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