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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set Marion/Failed Pump 101

At 04:25 PM 2/27/02 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Removed the Sil and it was bent and had something that
 >looked like crystalized insulin in it.

<After pumping for 4 years I've never seen crystallized insulin in either
the set or the tubing. You may want to try changing the type of insulin you
are using... something isn't right. Sam>

In 18.5 years of pumping, first with Lilly Regular, then Velosulin, then
Velosulin BR, and the last 3+ years with Humalog, I have never seen
crystalized insulin either. Since most of us who have been following this
saga, and we feel there has been a gross lack of training (my opinion), I'm
wondering a couple of things - which some may seem trite, but worth
Is this actually tiny champagne-like bubbles? If so, that would affect
Gabe's BGs since he would not be getting enough insulin. I open a new bottle
of Humalog and let it warm to room temp. before using it, then it stays out
until finished (about 30 units a day) which is over a month. Putting cold
insulin in the reservoir and tubing can cause bubbles as it warms.

I'm sure you already know this, but do not add air to a vial while it's neck
is downward. With the vial sitting upright, add the air with the reservoir,
then turn it over and withdraw the desired amount. This will also reduce the
chances for bubbles.

The insulin is pretty durable as you will note from past posts of pumpers in
the hot sun. One pumper is on a road crew or something and is in the hot sun
all day in one of the south-western states. He reported no problems.

We all hope this gets ironed out. Do you have the 3rd edition of Pumping
Insulin by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts? That is a good starting point to
begin with. Someone else suggested perhaps a pumper in your area could do an
observation and help detect problems before they would happen. (~_^)

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