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Re: [IP] Re: Sil Set Marion/Failed Pump 101

In a message dated 2/27/2002 4:35:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> You say Gabe is 12.5 yo (al least that's what I remember).  Don't forget 
> that hormones are starting to kick in, and this will cause weird BG's 
> also.  Keep plugging along.

Right now pump is turned off.  I had the pleasure of dosing about 8 total 
meals with the pump and observing it overnight about twice.  Meals were 
unbelievable.  We get great results with syringes, but nothing like the pump. 
 B.g.s were always normal (74-120) before and never strayed more that 20 
points up or down.  We used a square wave bolus to dose a large protein meal 
and Gabe had a juicy chicken sandwich for the first time since diagnosis 
without a b.g. of 200 or more at 3 a.m.  His 3 a.m. with the pump was 121 and 
that same sandwich causes rises between 5-7 hours after the meal with 
syringes up to 250 or more and requires a 3 a.m. correction with H.

I understand the superiority of the pump basal; I know how to do the fasting 
profiles for the basals and approximately how to set the basals based on 
diurnal vairations in insulin resistance (of course, I don't know the actual 
rates yet).  I understand the superiority of being able to adjust the basal 
and not have a 12-24 basal insulin working all the time.  I know that I could 
control Gabe's prominent dawn rise (50-100) points with the pump.

I simply cannot get a site that delivers insulin for more that 48 hours.

I am frustrated, sad, ashamed and you name it.  I want Gabe to pump 
successfully for a few weeks, or months and then he can make up his mind 
about MDI or pump.

But, I can't even get a few days of pump functioning.  I know that boys have 
hormonal surges, but gosh, they don't just happen on the pump.  When the pump 
failed and I had no supplies, I put him back on MDI and he was perfect for 
three days.  Once again, while waiting for an appointment to try a Sil set on 
Monday, he was back on MDI all weekend.  HIs b.g.s were wonderful.  So the 
"hormone" theory is just hard to buy.

Thanks for your concern; I simply am hitting a brick wall on this one.

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