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Re: [IP] cost of pumping???

Hi, Peg.

> I... am wondering if certain supplies could be used over.(maybe I
> should be saving something) even though I know it's not advisable.

I posted some tips to the list in July, 2001 about saving supplies.
The message was entitled: Six ways to "K.I.S.S."(*)

You can read the message here:


I change reservoirs monthly, keep site prep simple, change infusion
sets no more often than twice a week, and buy batteries very cheaply.

I posted info about pumping costs in April, 2001. The message was
entitled: [IP] Monthly expense of Cost of pump

You can read the message here:


I've revised the calculations below assuming two cannula changes (one
catheter change) per week and a change of batteries every 6 weeks:

catheters: 8 2/3 boxes of 12 x $130/box = approx. $1125

reservoirs: 1/2 box of 24 reservoirs x $75/box = $75/2 = approx. $35

batteries: 3 batteries/1.5 months x 12 months x $1/battery = $24,
approx. $25

Total annual pump-related costs are $1125 + $35 + $25 = $1185, or
approx. $100/month.


regards, Andy
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